No man can live without his Ma Dame

We made a new perfume as indispensable as its predecessor.





Ma Dame

Classique, a perfume designed by Jean Paul Gaultier in 1993, has become a classic in the cosmetic market.

In 2006, Beauté Prestige International (BPI) planned to launch a new fragrance – Ma Dame – named after Jean Paul Gaultier’s vision of the perfect woman.

Interbrand worked with BPI to define the personality of Ma Dame, a trendy tomboy with classy, sex appeal. After designing the brand identity, the fragrance bottle, and the packaging, we followed up with a complete range of products.

The bottle is a solid slab of crystalline glass with sharp edges that enclose the perfect curves of a bust – a Jean Paul Gaultier icon. Ma Dame’s name is written in confident, grafitti-like capitals and displayed on the package in three playful colors.

Ma Dame launches in September 2008. Press buzz has been strong and its launch party was a success.

We have every reason to believe that Ma Dame will prove as indispensable as its predecessor.