Translating vision into brand

A significant impact on the hemophilia marketplace





Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals

Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals is a venture-backed biotech company dedicated to advancing hemophilia treatment. The company was founded by two individuals with sons with Hemophilia B. Its senior management team is made up of professionals highly experienced in bringing hemophilia products to market. In bringing its first product to market, Inspiration approached InterbrandHealth to optimize the corporate vision and create a new and differentiated brand in the crowded hemophilia marketplace.

InterbrandHealth’s work focused on finding ways to communicate the deep connection that everyone at Inspiration had with the hemophilia community. InterbrandHealth created a brand idea that not only highlighted the company’s personal relationship with hemophilia, but also honored each individual’s unique experience with the condition. In doing so, Inspiration is positioned as a Masterbrand that drives innovation and challenges the current status quo. Creating a Masterbrand enables Inspiration to build equity at the corporate level and leverage the brand across all its products and services.

In creating a unique brand expression for Inspiration, it was important to distance the company from the current visual and verbal dialogue that dominated the marketplace. Its brand voice is one of boldness and confidence, one that is unafraid to speak its mind. The bright and vibrant Inspiration logo was inspired by a kaleidoscope – representative of the exponential potential that Inspiration hopes to realize for each individual in the hemophilia community. The distinctive black-and-white photography style was developed to create a sense of candor and authenticity, attributes that were true to the Inspiration brand. The juxtaposition of imagery and graphics, combined with a thoughtful yet bold voice, expresses a brand that is new and different.

The new Inspiration brand was launched in June 2011 and is on its way to creating a significant impact on the hemophilia marketplace.

“Over the past year, our partnership with InterbrandHealth has truly helped Inspiration define our point of view and differential value to the hemophilia community. We are very pleased with the results of the project and look forward to using the new brand to communicate our promise of changing the expectations of each and every individual living with hemophilia.”

Mary Bauman, VP, Commercial Development, Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.