Local knowledge builds global brands

We added US$ 60 million to InterContinental’s bottom line.






InterContinental was always the place business people stay.

We identified an alternative audience – discerning, well-heeled, well-travelled individuals who want travel to offer experiences money can’t buy.

Our new “in the know” insight repositioned the hotel as the gateway to the genuine city, offering a real experience far removed from the tourist or business guest.

Making use of the hotels’ vast reserve of knowledge, this gateway was only accessible through the hotel concierge: the font of all recommendations.

InterContinental’s business model was conventionally focused on hotel and brand management.

In reality, wealthy individuals in each location own the actual hotel assets. Our new ROI model reflected this and demonstrated the potential financial uplift following implementation of the new, insight driven brand.

Implemented the world over, local knowledge has led to an annual 12 percent increase in revenue per room – or an extra US$ 60 million on the bottom line.

That’s a sight worth seeing.