Creating a power brand

We helped Iberdrola become an international leader.






To help Iberdrola with this new challenge, Interbrand analyzed the different communication touchpoints of the brand through a visual audit, which helped identify the brand’s strengths and areas of improvement. The audit helped us create a consistent communications strategy that could be used prior to Iberdrola’s expansion into other markets.

A brand valuation was carried out in order to understand how to evolve Iberdrola’s brand strategy, obtaining strategic recommendations to align messages and communication of the brand in all its markets. We identified the markets and segments where the brand value of the company is currently driven, as well as the possible threats that Iberdrola could face.

Finally, we analyzed the European utilities market to understand how those global competitors were positioned and what their strategy was in regards to entering new markets, with a special focus on the U.K. market.

Iberdrola focused on building a strong and solid brand positioning to face the new market situation. A further brand valuation helped identify a strategy built around Iberdrola’s top brand value drivers.

In 2008 and 2010, Iberdrola repeated the brand valuation project to track how the parameters of brand value creation had changed over time. To continue to foster a perception of the brand as a global company, Iberdrola was advised to act as a single global brand in all its markets. Today, based on Interbrand’s recommendation, Iberdrola is focused on transitioning Scottish Power and Energy East into one Iberdrola voice.