Creating WOBI, a brand aligned with its market

HSM brings a World of Business Ideas online






HSM is a company known throughout the world as a leader in developing events and media for people who are shaping the business world. In addition to magazines and TV channels, the company brings the world’s top executives together for the World Business Forum—a platform “to expand, connect, unite, distribute and multiply ideas” and a global meeting point for those who “strive to create, grow and accomplish.”

Instigated by the emergence of the digital era, the style and dynamics of business and management have taken on a new format in recent years. Faced with this new scenario, HSM realized an urgent need to adapt not only its business to this new world but also its internal aspects, its employees, organizational strategies, and processes of work.

Interbrand worked fiercely to transition the company into the new playing field. The task required the creation of a brand appropriate to new era and the development of a brand strategy that would be completely different from the one used to date—one that would help the company bring its content online in a consistent, relevant and successful way.

To accomplish these objectives, Interbrand developed a new brand platform that was clearly oriented toward communicating with a new generation and established a mission for the brand: offering “transformative experiences” for current and future leaders of the business world. After a year of strategic work, the business-focused online portal, World of Business Ideas (WOBI ), was born.

We completed a total process of branding, from the design of the brand strategy—platform and architecture—to the creation of the brand, including naming, visual identity, a system of signatures, and editorial design of a brochure and magazine covers.