Training brand evangelists for an evolved HP

Flexibility in the HP experience empowers employees





HP Experience Training

In May 2012, Hewlett Packard launched a rebrand of the HP Experience, the technology company’s central consumer-facing brand. The changes were extensive—from the company’s logo and color palette, to its tone of voice and overall corporate strategy. Effectively training employees would be crucial.

After two “train the trainer” sessions conducted on the new brand approach by an Omnicom partner agency, Interbrand was asked to replicate the teachings online. The audience would be diverse: HP brand users, general employees and the company’s external partners throughout the world.

Interbrand’s challenge was to translate the in-person training into a dynamic, interactive self-service presentation that would not only hold the attention of these diverse audiences, but also turn participants into well-versed evangelists for the evolved HP brand.

To complete the task quickly and successfully, Interbrand team members needed to master new software, coordinate information with three other agencies and elevate a presentation created by others into a world-class tutorial that people around the globe would understand. In the process, a broader goal would be met: to create a new, higher standard for brand training at HP.

Within a month, Interbrand created three robust training modules covering the strategy, voice and visual system crafted for the HP Experience. Drawing on a wealth of content and materials from the in-person training sessions, the team used Adobe’s Captivate e-learning software to create a condensed presentation that respected the shorter attention span of an online audience and succinctly conveyed just the right amount of information in under 20 minutes.

The result: thoughtfully narrated presentations that paced viewers through a series of slides, two engaging HP brand videos and several entertaining pop quizzes to keep trainees involved.

With the training modules anchored at HP’s brand portal, the company continues to report great success. Employees are learning about the HP Experience at the time and pace that works best for them.

With HP maintaining 300,000 employees and affiliates worldwide, using online modules that reach every worker are also proving highly cost-effective. Plus, the flexible nature of the training modules will allow them to be easily modified as the HP Experience evolves.