Destination rebrand

4,000 Holiday Inn franchisees gave us a standing ovation for our work.





Holiday Inn

To get back on the business traveler’s radar, Holiday Inn had to adapt to the changing needs of the business traveler.

Business insights from Holiday Inn, such as cultural beliefs, business needs, and franchisee relationship information helped us craft a business case for change.

International consumer research revealed insights into the brand’s identity and how it related to guests' travel needs, their emotional journey, and the key brand hallmarks. We updated the Holiday Inn logo to signal major change, while staying within the brand’s legacy.

To reflect the revitalized image and positioning – "Championing the Real World" – core brand touchpoints became the hallmarks of the refreshed branding program. Signage, the creation of curb appeal, a signature air fragrance, a clutter-free check-in, and a luxurious bedding and bath experiences were created to complement the new brand vision.

The brand relaunch made news headlines when it was unveiled to a standing ovation of over 4,000 owners and operators in the fall of 2007.