Challenging the leader

We helped H2Oh! become Argentina’s leading flavored water brand.






Pepsico wanted to enter the flavored water category in Argentina — a large-growing segment over the past five years. The industry leader, SER, didn’t have much competition at that moment and PepsiCo saw an opportunity for success.

Our research revealed that SER’s consumer target were constant dieters who were concerned about their physical appearance. In order to differentiate H2Oh!’s position from SER, we decided to target a consumer who just wants to feel good about themselves and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

We incorporated images of hip, fun, and young people in our package design to reinforce H2Oh’s message as a beverage for consumers who enjoy life and feel good, regardless of appearances. With our help, H2Oh quickly emerged as a leader, even beating out competitor’s like Coca Cola’s Dasani.

The second phase of project included creating a second package design to help Pepsico transition H2Oh! to the global design. And we have just developed a third package that is even more similar to the global design that will be launched soon. We expect to develop several more before finally unifying the local design to the global package.