On the edge of their seats, to the deep end

Griffin Theatre Company takes center stage.





Griffin Theatre Company

Griffin Theatre Company is a new writing theater at the forefront of Australian playwriting. It has not only staged some of Australia’s most memorable plays, but also produced some of the world's greatest and most talented playwrights and actors. Cate Blanchett and Jacqueline McKenzie both started their careers at Griffin, and Andrew Bovell’s play “Speaking In Tongues” grew into the award-winning film “Lantana.”

And yet, although the team at Griffin have spent the last 30 years bringing together the most talented and creative people to make groundbreaking theater, they have not been able to present themselves in a way that reflects the highly acclaimed quality of the work they produce—until now.

Our research showed that Griffin's raw performances, its constant drive to innovate the theater experience, and the intimacy of its small diamond-shaped space–unparalleled in creating the sort of emotional impact that can only come from sitting so close to the actors–made it unique. It was these strengths that we explored as the basis for redefining the Griffin brand.

As you wait for the opening lines in the pitch black of the theater, you always know to expect the unexpected. As each new story starts, you slip outside of your comfort zone. You stand on the edge of the cliff and hurl yourself into the deep end. Your senses adjust to an unknown world, and you enter an unfamiliar stage.

The brand responds to these emotional highs and lows through the metaphor of “the deep end,” and with an identity that allows Griffin to express its own creativity and personality through words. The brand identity itself is rooted in language. Typography and wordplay intertwine to bring depth to the imagery. The mood can change from one production to the next by using different combinations of words, color, and imagery to strike their own chord, but the backbeat is distinctively Griffin. This questioning sense of intrigue infuses every brochure and booklet, just as much as each of its extraordinary collection of plays.

And in the words of Nathan Bennett, Griffin Theatre Company’s General Manager to Interbrand, “you not just redefined Griffin’s brand, you’ve made a significant investment in the future of Australian playwriting and Australian theatre. It was appropriate for us to take the unusual step of holding our season launch in a gallery, because what you have created deserves to be showcased in that sort of space. What you have given us is magnificent. Our thanks are heartfelt, and great.”