Creating an award-winning retail brand and customer experience






Greentech is one of the biggest companies in Venezuela. It began as an electronics importer and wholesaler and later decided to produce its own products. The brand saw an opportunity to create its own retail space, vertically integrating its business.

Greentech came to Interbrand to help it develop the concept for a new electronics retail store in Valencia, Venezuela. Interbrand Mexico City led a global collaborative effort, working with Interbrand’s Madrid and Buenos Aires offices, as well as Interbrand Design Forum in Dayton. Interbrand worked for more than a year and a half with Greentech to develop a clear brand strategy and identity for the new retail experience.

It was critical to establish whether this new retail brand would be linked to the company or stand as an independent brand. The latter was recommended, enabling the retail store to sell products from a variety of brands in addition to Greentech’s own products. Our challenge was to create a brand that could enter the competitive marketplace, stand on its own apart from Greentech and succeed with consumers.

After a thorough analysis of the market and consumers in Venezuela, we developed a brand proposition around creating an oasis for customers. A departure from descriptive naming, we created a Verbal Identity for the brand with the name: IVOO. The name, pronounced “ee-vo,” is simple, snappy and memorable.

With a fresh name and a refreshingly superior customer experience with excellent service and innovative products, we also helped in the architectural design of the building itself, including the façade, materials, furniture and interior design. We applied the brand’s essence to all elements of the brand development, including pricing and the type of products to be sold.

To accompany the strong new IVOO name, business plan and store design, a powerful, yet simple, logotype was created. The store opened with success in the fall of 2012 and our work for IVOO has won a 2013 REBRAND Award and has been nominated for the 2014 German Design Awards.