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Creating an experience beyond banking for Santander Group.





Golf Santander

Santander Group contacted Interbrand in 2004 to develop one of the centerpieces of Ciudad Grupo Santander: its golf course. Our challenge was to unite two diverse sectors: sport and finance. We also had to infuse the Santander brand personality throughout the experience.

After an analysis phase, we developed a design which could be implemented throughout all types of products, from merchandising to publicity formats.

Our concept maintained the bank brand’s colors and the well-recognized flame symbol, as well as Satander’s simple and defining typography.

The final result is a product that reinforces the competitive and sport-oriented values of Santander Group, without eclipsing its visual character. The three main visual elements—the institutional flag, the arrow as icon to transmit action, and the flame as energy and leadership symbol—are not only memorable, but also reinforce the Santander brand.