Grow with uS

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GS Group

With its fifth anniversary under its belt, the GS Group knew it was time to start thinking about a long-term branding strategy. This meant having a clear brand identity that would reflect the organization’s synergy with its affiliates, generate greater brand visibility and build top-of-mind recognition among consumers.

To begin creating a coherent and lasting brand identity system, Interbrand carefully analyzed the GS Group in three areas—brand roles, brand image and affiliate brand synergy. Findings indicated that the company ranked roughly sixth in brand role, a status similar to the group’s standing in Korea’s business circles. However, the results also pointed to a large gap between this and brand role in the top tier (the top tier being other business conglomerates such as Samsung, LG and SK) -- particularly in the context of brand recognition and preference.

Using this analysis as the basis for the GS Group’s brand development, Interbrand created a new brand tagline entitled “Grow with uS,” and suggested outlining a clear strategy for building their differentiated brand image.