V goes global

Strategically guiding a growing brand





V energy drink

When global food and beverage company, Suntory, acquired Frucor Beverages, V energy drink was among the new brands added to their portfolio. A highly successful brand created for the energy drink market, V has long been the market leader in New Zealand and has also expanded into Australia and Europe. However, as V extended its global reach, Frucor found that the interpretation of the V brand varied from market to market. In order for V to increase market share in existing markets and expand into new ones, it needed to align its brand across all markets and address internal challenges facing this growing brand and business.

Interbrand New Zealand partnered with V to facilitate a series of workshops to identify and resolve key tensions. From the C-Suite through to R&D, strategy and marketing, Interbrand facilitated a complete business and brand review of V. This led to the joint creation of strategic imperatives for the brand as well as a revamped brand definition that was translated for global interpretation. Interbrand also helped V establish a brand council, “The Greenhouse,” which managed the brand strategy across markets and guided its development, including new product development.

As a result of these efforts, the V brand was revitalized, enjoying a renewed sense of purpose in view of an increasingly competitive space. The development of strategic imperatives with a five-year horizon encouraged focus and clarity, which made it easier to determine where (and through what channels) the brand could geographically expand, and to what degree stretch would allow new and existing product development.