Crammed full of fun

Tip Top launches new adventure-filled ice cream sub-brand





Tip Top Crammed

Tip Top ice cream is an iconic brand that New Zealanders love. It stirs childhood memories of eating ice cream at the beach and is a staple in nearly every family’s freezer. However, Tip Top realized that the appeal of their brand with younger consumers was waning and this represented a long-term risk to their business. Coupled with the growth of both existing and potential international brands on New Zealand’s shores, they had to develop an innovative range that re-engaged the latent love that younger consumers had for the brand.

Using colors and graphics that evoke fun and adventure, Interbrand New Zealand designed lively new packaging for Tip Top. We worked with an illustrator to develop a unique “world” for each flavor, featuring the landscapes inspired by the ingredients and characters engaged in Kiwi fun and adventure, surrounded by New Zealand wildlife and foliage. Working closely with Tip Top, we developed a name for the range that would be simple, attention grabbing, and easy to remember: Crammed. Already part of the target market’s everyday language, “crammed” implies an energetic burst of activity and aptly describes the abundant flavor of the ice cream—packed with ripples and delicious inclusions.

The Tip Top Crammed range of products was launched into the New Zealand market in October 2012 and is already creating a lot of buzz. Bearing further testament to the quality and efficacy of our work, Group Marketing Manager of Fonterra Brands, Minna Reinikkala, articulates her satisfaction:

"Not every design agency has the capability to develop something from scratch that remains true to the original strategic insight, but Interbrand has captured this well for Tip Top with Crammed.”