A brand new world for Fenoglio

Our revolutionary packaging design boosted a chocolate brand’s sales.






Fenoglio, originally a family founded chocolate company from the city of Bariloche, in the Patagonia, is synonymous with hand crafted chocolate in Argentina.

In 2006, Fenoglio’s new shareholders decided to reposition Fenoglio, transforming it from a traditional hand crafted chocolate brand to a more innovative and creative chocolate brand.

Research with consumers indicated that Fenoglio’s visual brand identity was highly recognized and valued, so we kept its spirit in the redesign—refreshing it, making it friendlier, while preserving its essence and sophistication.

For the regular line we created a set of basic boxes, in a variety of colors, with one unique feature. Like a gift card, interchangeable slips with a celebratory message can be tucked into a slot on the box. Consumers can match an occasion slip with the chocolate of their choice.

The packaging communicated Fenoglio’s new and innovative identity, while maintaining its legacy as a hand crafted chocolate brand. The new image was flexible enough to adapt to Fenoglio’s traditional target of Bariloche, as well as the more demanding and sophisticated consumers of Buenos Aires.

Fenoglio verified that the package change generated great impact on the brand’s image, optimized Fenogolio’s image at retail stores, and boosted sales. And because the new packaging was such a success, we were even able to create new niche projects for special dates.

That’s cause for celebration!