On top of Its game

How Fonterra’s brands punch above the weight.






Fonterra is New Zealand’s biggest company with dairy export revenues exceeding NZ$ 13 billion. Understanding brand value is a critical measure of Fonterra’s organizational marketing and financial performance.

Brand value measurement for Fonterra is a rigorous process. Since its formation in 2001, Fonterra has tested the value of its significant local and international consumer brand portfolio on its balance sheet.

Competing against global heavyweights and local brand champions, our brand valuation uncovers the measurement and strategic insight to power Fonterra’s Anchor, Anlene, Anmum, Mainland, and Tip Top brands to punch above their weight. An ROI approach utilizes both marketing and finance’s extensive knowledge and experience in our analysis. Working closely together we trade insights on Fonterra’s power brands and the behavior of its consumers.

For Fonterra, understanding the key drivers of value including brand image, product quality, packaging and taste, and those of the competition, is as important as the end financial result. These insights validate the right course of planning and action for their brands - brand valuation strategically keeps Fonterra on top of its game.

Meanwhile, periodic valuations help Fonterra explain how successfully management is steering the value of its brands for the benefit of shareholders.

Equipped with this key knowledge, Fonterra’s brands are always prepared to power on to the next level.