From marginalized to mainstream

We helped make the Fairtrade brand highly visible.






Since the late 1980s, Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International (FLO) had overseen numerous national initiatives that promoted fair prices for third world producers.

But without a globally consistent and recognizable brand, it was almost impossible for ethically minded customers to know that the goods they were purchasing reflected their conscience.

We created a single Fairtrade brand to be the mainstream ethical standard for customers buying coffee, tea, honey, chocolate, fruit, and other agricultural produce.

The move to a single, international mark of certification has rationalized packaging and streamlined marketing both for FLO and its licensees. It has helped build the profile of all participating organizations, resulting in increased bargaining power for FLO when dealing with large corporations, governments, and international bodies.

It has also helped grow Fairtrade sales by almost 800 percent in six years. This huge increase shows how much customers have embraced the initiative and its supporting philosophy.

Today, Fairtrade’s customers are making good choices for everyone.