Corporate design for the porcelain manufacture FÜRSTENBERG






FÜRSTENBERG has specialized in unique craftsmanship and exclusive porcelain manufacture since 1747.

The company faced the challenge of positioning itself as a modern luxury brand that stands out not only from industrially manufactured porcelain but also within the segment of handcrafted porcelain.

We embarked to transform a rather unspecific, tradition-bound German manufacturer into a luxury porcelain brand that stands out from the competition. Additionally, we sought to revolutionize the porcelain industry by emphasizing not only “beauty” but also “precision”, thereby appealing to additional target groups, primarily younger consumers – and men.

The new identity focuses on excellent products while stressing their “masculine” aspects and raising new awareness for the material itself, the design process and the techniques involved in making fine porcelain. We even went so far as to refer to the material using the masculine article: “DER Porzellan”.

“DER Porzellan” is reflected in every detail of the new brand identity. Starting with verbal communication, we translated this to the layout system and design of the product. To shift focus back to the product, the classical tableware setting and other distracting add-ons are no longer present within the new visual identity. Now, the product shines and speaks for itself.

The new look transports the sophisticated art of porcelain manufacturing into the modern age by emphasizing technical precision and craftsmanship alongside conventional aspects of beauty and high value.

Because precision has a name - FÜRSTENBERG.