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We helped Euskaltel increase sales with a new design.






Our shop design was developed taking into account Euskaltel commercial strategy to expand, attract new customers, and showcase the large product offer they are placing out in the market.

Euskaltel wanted to ensure easy access to products, a warm environment without boundaries, and external visibility – all with a more modern and technological look to appeal customers.

We designed the stores in white, orange, and yellow to emphasize the combination of the offer and its simplicity.

To highlight the products, we moved away from overcrowded shelves by designing showcases to exhibit merchandise. Additionally, we created bases for mobile phones that allow customers to hold and manipulate the device, advertising display cases to publicize new products and offers to pedestrians, and interactive computer screens.

So far, five Euskaltel stores have been constructed. Sales and visits have increased after the implementation of the new design, attracting passers by to enter due to its attractive and bright look, highly visible from the street.

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