The Electric Company

Positioning an energy leader






With the ambition of establishing itself as a major international player, EDF (Elecricité de France, France’s leading energy supplier) solicited our expertise to develop a positioning that would affirm the brand’s leadership in the market and give visual expression to the new positioning.

In close collaboration with the client, Interbrand developed a brand platform that positions EDF as a committed, innovative brand with expert knowledge of the electricity business. This position is embodied in the new brand proposition, THE ELECTRIC COMPANY.

Though challenged by some creative restraints, our team leveraged three crucial elements while developing a graphic expression that would capture the essence of the new positioning, while preserving the existing logo. Specifically, we used warm, lively colors to communicate energy and strength; photographs that conveyed a brand personality that was expert, engaged and innovative; and clean, bold typography as a primary ingredient to deliver the message.

The new look and feel was confidently launched at the 2012 Olympics and has been enthusiastically accepted throughout the organization. Additionally, the work has won an iF communication design award 2013.