Successful synergy

Home Depot and Dunkin’ Donuts find a sweet spot.





Dunkin' Donuts

This strategy leveraged the synergies between the two brands to exploit the foot traffic within the large retailer.

The 220-square-foot locations served Dunkin’ Donuts full menu and offered seating and an Internet connection for customers on the go.

The Dunkin’ Donuts brand was strengthened through the traditional color scheme and the trademark awning marking the entrance to the space. We focused on the concept of an expanded menu offering of coffee, muffins, and bagels, in addition to donuts.

The new strategy exposed the brand to a non-traditional location and provided a valuable service to Home Depot and Dunkin’ Donuts customers alike.

The first two locations were a huge success and the brand planned an extensive and quick rollout.

Planning a home renovation has never been more delicious.