Discover. Smile. Shine.

Clarel: A 360º new retail brand and concept in Spain and Portugal






Interbrand Madrid was retained by DIA Group, the world’s third biggest discount grocer, to create a new retail brand and concept. The scope of the project included: brand strategy, a new logo and visual identity, naming, tagline, and verbal identity, the implementation of the brand in the retail space, the activation and go-to-market plan, and other considerations such as scent branding.

Behind the brand idea—“How do you want to shine today?”—the Clarel retail concept offers a comprehensive range of products that make the consumer feel good and “shine” in a variety of day-to-day scenarios, embodying core values such as quality of life, freedom of choice, healthy lifestyles, a sunny and optimistic outlook, and confidence and reliability.

The name of the new retail concept, Clarel, reflects the brand essence of shine and clarity. To play up this idea, the logo design can be interpreted as a smile, evoking happiness and the simple joys of life. A series of pictograms connect to the logo, facilitating consumers’ in-store navigation and reinforcing the brand experience.

The new visual identity is built around three colors: red for promotion, and white and black to transmit simplicity and clarity. The simple, clean typography further embodies the open, friendly, and welcoming brand experience throughout the entire customer journey.

The messaging supports the new tagline—“Discover. Smile. Shine.”—with a warm and confident tone of voice to connect with each consumer. As customers enter and engage with the renovated stores, they encounter cheerful and sunny greetings to brighten their day, such as “How easy it is to make you smile,” “100% Happiness,” and “We’ll see you soon. Mwah!”