Standing out by standing together

We increased Delta Dental’s subscriber enrollment by five million.





Delta Dental

Delta Dental Plans Association (DDPA) is the largest provider of dental care benefits in the United States – and until recently, the most fragmented.

With 39 independently owned regional member companies, each with its own products and local approach, DDPA lacked a common vision and a consistent mission to give it national traction.

We filled in the gaps by developing a positioning platform that showcased the core offering while emphasizing DDPA’s unique ability to provide complete oral health insurance solutions.

The promise was backed by a unifying visual system that tied all of the member companies together, while at a local level, allowing each to customize its offerings to fit local needs.

The member companies were engaged through internal communications and marketing programs, and brand ambassadors were used at multiple locations to increase nationwide buy-in.

Since the new brand launch in 2004, DDPA’s unified brand presence has helped it increase its coverage by more than five million customers throughout the US. According to stakeholders, it now also outperforms the competition by 14 percent in service, value, and ease-of-use.

That’s how we gave DDPA something to smile about.