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Making a new product line accessible





Shock Absorber

In the past, Shock Absorber had mainly targeted professional/semi -professional sportswomen and heavy exercisers. However, having developed a new product line suited for light workouts, the brand solicited Interbrand’s expertise to make these products accessible to a new target segment of light exercisers, while retaining the core clientele.

To make the products appealing to the intended consumers, our team redesigned the Shock Absorber logo and developed appropriate color palettes and imagery to represent the product line. To better translate the idea of shock absorption and bring a touch of modernity, the logo was given a 3D look. The product line Ultimate (targeting heavy exercisers) was represented in a black and grey color palette, and the Active line (targeting light exercisers) was represented in a range of seven colors, each corresponding to a particular product style.

The imagery we incorporated depicts a model in motion, in a real life context. Ultimate, for instance, shows the competitive aspect of her personality, while the Active imagery shows the model enjoying herself during a light workout. The model we selected, as well as the environment she is photographed in, are key graphic elements that help communicate the brand personality and differentiate the two product lines.

The expression we gave to the new positioning has helped to drive the choice of consumers in an intuitive way. In fact, since the newly positioned products launched in the UK (ahead of the 2012 Olympics), Shock Absorbers’ trendiness increased by 30% and its likeability increased by 81%. Following its success in the UK, the new design is now being rolled out in France.