A recipe for success

How Danone Veloute differentiated itself from the crowd.





Danone Veloute Fruix

Danone Velouté was a key player on the liquid yogurt segment. And yet, the brand was struggling between historical plain yogurt players and the emergence of healthy benefit brands.

To differentiate Danone Velouté and build brand credibility in the fruit yogurt category, we developed an ownable key visual by combining the image of a blender with the popular Velouté pot. This visual not only suggested the product’s liquid shape, but also its rich, fruit based recipe: a symbol that fits the freshly created Fruix sub-brand perfectly.

The visual and verbal brand elements of this new identity came together strongly and brought to life an innovative product platform.

Our creative work led to an aggressive one year (2002-2003) market share growth from four percent to 14.7 percent in value (HM&SM Retail Panel). The growth helped Danone by increasing its market share in the French market from 35.8 percent to 41.3 percent in value (Nielsen).

Danone Velouté Fruix is now one of the “A” brands in Danone’s portfolio.

Danone was so happy with our work that they asked us to create new brand innovation initiatives, as well as position the product line to teenage and urban targets – respectively Fruix-to-Drink and XL. We were responsible for the new sub-brands’ packaging and naming.