We created a new beverage + beauty + cosmetic brand.






After great success with Interbrand’s work for éh!, Cristiana Arcangeli reached out to us again with a new challenge: To create the first Brazilian brand that unites the pleasure of food, the healthy aspects of vitamins, and the new cosmetic technology.

As this concept would be unprecedented in Brazil, our goal was to not only understand the brand’s potential customers, but also educate them on the relationship between good nutrition and external beauty.

We held workshops with physicians, scientists, journalists and opinion leaders to identify our target customer. Interbrand offices from Tokyo, Paris, London and New York were also involved to identify products that would be most significant to the Brazilian lifestyle.

To bring to life the relationship between good nutrition and external beauty, we chose the name Beauty’in. The shapes of the bottles and lids and the brand identity and labels were also built around this brand proposition.

The visual identity is made up of cells, ties, stylized waves and splashes that come to life with color and shapes that suggest the essence of beauty. Simple tables, step-by-step instructions and informative graphics teach the consumer to experience the brand.

The straightforward names we chose for products within the line – Beauty Drink and Beauty Candy—are instantly recognizable and easy to understand. Additionally, the labels contain texts that indicate the functional benefits of each product type.

A brand this big deserves a great launch event. We worked together with a team of top professionals from diverse fields to create a great show featuring music and theater that was attended by over 1500 people in São Paulo.

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