Ideas. Materialized.

How we helped Constellium launch as the world’s first aluminum innovation company.






Alcan Engineered Products (Alcan EP) was divested from the Rio Tinto brand and bought by Apollo, a New York based Private Equity firm in 2010. Alcan EP had previously grown through acquisition and had been under multiple different owners and names (AluSuisse, Pechiney, and Alcan). The acquisition by Apollo required Alcan EP to establish themselves as a standalone brand in short order - the user license for the Alcan name was set to expire after three years.

Interbrand counseled Apollo and Alcan that immediate change was essential to build value. With a focus on inspiring and galvanizing their people, together, we embarked on an ambitious program to reposition, articulate, and launch a new brand.

We worked across our Paris and New York offices to develop the strategy of “Ideas. Materialized.” – showing that the relationship Apollo and Alcan had with their clients was essential to realizing client innovations through the properties of aluminum.

We developed a new name for the company that moved away from category conventions of including ‘Al’ in the name, using acronyms and referencing the point of origin. The business chose “Constellium” because it spoke to how it works together as “a cluster of stars,” showing the value of the organization’s talented teams of experts, activities, processes, and assets.

The visual and verbal identity used the versatile properties of aluminum as a metaphor for the flexibility of the brand. It took the basic elements of the atom and animated them to show how anything was possible when... “we make ideas real, so they can shape the world.”The resulting identity established a distinct, differentiated, and relevant new voice for the company. With a strong graphic approach to the visual vocabulary, we created a living, breathing brand and a platform for dynamic expressions in today’s and tomorrow’s digital space.

“Our ambition is to become the most admired global leader in the aluminium industry,” says Christel Bories, CEO of Constellium. “A major step to achieve this objective was to change our brand and visual identity.”

The launch, on May 3rd 2011, focused on efficient and quality targeting of key audiences -- employees, media and customers -- through messaging, direct contact, and the personal touch. We created animations that live on the new Constellium website and launched the brand in presentations. Our work to create a digital solution for all of its materials ultimately drives efficiency and accessibility.

“I believe that together, we've been able to move the needle in terms of "marketing/brand cutlture" …creating a real breakthrough vs the industry and our competitors. No doubt that our brand will be a key asset for the company.” Nicolas Brun, Vice President, Communications at Constellium.

For more information about Constellium visit the newly launched website.