Fresh off the vine

New packaging helped grow the sales of Hunt’s organic.





Hunt's Organic

Hunt’s entered the burgeoning organic foods category in 2005 with its introduction of organic canned tomatoes and pasta sauces. Established in 1890, the Hunt’s brand enjoys very high awareness and heritage status with American consumers. However, organic consumers appreciate smaller-company values and tend to distrust mass production so it was important for product packaging to visually balance Hunt’s mainstream appeal with the authentic, trusted process of growing organic vegetables.

We created a package design that incorporates Hunt’s strong white-on-red equity and introduces the look, tone, and feel that consumers expect from organic food and beverages. Our use of a handwritten type style and watercolor illustration of tomatoes on the vine convey an authentic, personal touch, while the green banding gives the products a fresh, health food personality.

With this new packaging, the Hunt’s brand stepped away from its literal and contemporary photographic label style for the first time. It opted for the hand-painted illustrations across all of its organic SKUs. This new, unique design solution has made it easier for mainstream grocery shoppers to make better choices at shelf.