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Cloak & Dagger

When talking to a professional recruiter or headhunter, what’s the most important consideration for most people? Discretion.

One of the biggest issues for professionals looking to change jobs is secrecy. Arranging meetings is tricky, as are awkward phone calls while people try very hard to seem as though they’re on the phone talking to anyone but a recruiter. When Chantal Manning-Knight came to us for a rebrand of her recruiting business, we asked ourselves, why not reposition her business in a way that not only presents her skills, experience and passion for people, but also addresses the need for absolute secrecy and discretion?

We designed a creative and innovative approach to the recruitment dilemma that avoided all reference to recruitment whatsoever. We created: Cloak & Dagger.

In this new online emporium of coats and knives (and jobs), job seekers browse an online store that specializes in custom tailoring and alterations. Potential recruits can learn about Cloak & Dagger’s philosophy, history and process, register for catalogue and product updates (new jobs), and even book in for a fitting (interview) – all without revealing they are actually considering a career move. CVs are presented as “creative partnerships” with the Cloak & Dagger team.

Both the client and Interbrand have achieved success thanks to the development of this new identity. Chantal Manning-Knight has received press in local, international and design media. Interbrand was honored with being named to the shortlist for Cannes Design Lion, 2012. We think, though, that the best response came from the client’s accountant, who didn’t realize it was still the same company and called to ask why she had started a new business without consulting with him first.