Creating a holistic customer experience

With our help, DIA saw a 30 percent sales increase.






DIA, the Carrefour owned Spanish discount grocery chain is present in eight countries and has a long tradition in Spain.

While low prices, logistics, and product quality are DIA’s strengths, customer experience has traditionally been suffering from outdated and neglected retail environments.

We focused on brand image and the customer journey to build equity in a competitive market. The store chain was repositioned as the friendly, price competitive leader in its sector with our brand message: “the clever purchase.”

A refreshed brand identity – reinforcing the well-known percentage symbol – was the initial step to introduce a new retail model for the store’s interior and exterior.

The new design would have to adapt to two different store formats: Market (urban stores) and Maxi (stores in the city outskirts), while restoring client loyalty and attracting new clients. We aimed to build a distinctive image implementation based on the main DIA colors, its symbol, and new secondary graphic codes.

The first of or the new stores opened in Q4 2007 in Madrid, Spain. Over the following eight months of 2008, over 80 stores have been adapted with the new brand image in Spain, Greece, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, and China.

Currently, existing and new stores are being remodelled with the new image both in Spain and abroad. So far, based on DIA's internal figures, sales have seen a 30 percent increase. Additionally, client satisfaction has noticeably improved.

A new packaging system is also being developed to ensure a holistic customer experience, while the corporate website and internal communications are being updated with the new identity. The brand launch in mid-September marked the beginning of an employee engagement program as well.