The biggest little known company

How CSC found its competitive edge.






Interbrand was awarded the prestigious German Design Prize in Silver for its redesign for CSC! Watch the video of the award ceremony.

Some might say that CSC had made being invisible an art form. With some of the most significant outsourcing and system integration contracts in recent history, ninety-one thousand employees worldwide, US $16 billion in annual revenue, and a long history of important government contracts, the company seldom felt it necessary to tout their successes. But CSC’s had begun to view its lack of brand-name recognition among existing and prospective clients in the financial, healthcare, and manufacturing industries to be a problem. Facing increased competition from gold standard brands like Accenture and IBM Global Services, constant pressure for growth, and a dramatic diversification of services, CSC turned to us to help elevate its brand.

To stay competitive, we helped CSC capture “how” and “why” they do what they do. After extensive analysis of CSC’s existing research, as well as a series of interviews and workshops, we developed a brand strategy that articulated CSC’s drive and passion, summed up by the brand idea: “At CSC, we expect you to expect more.”

Our bold new visual and verbal expressions of the CSC brand made the strategy tangible. The use of a projection box symbolizes the voice of CSC, with the invigorated brand mark clearly positioned as the source of the voice. Graphic elements, previously unseen in the traditional IT consulting and services marketplace, help CSC stand apart from the crowd. A new messaging strategy, along with a powerful and distinctive brand voice, help thousands of CSC communicators and partner agencies write and speak in a way that consistently reflects the brand.

This was not a superficial brand face-lift. Alongside the obvious manifestations of the brand, we also revamped and reissued CSC’s statement of corporate values and developed a brand ambassador program to ensure the systemic changes necessary to deliver upon CSC’s new brand vision.

A post-launch statement from one of CSC’s top five executives captures the success of the their brand relaunch thus far. “I’ve worked here more years than I care to admit, and in all that time, I have never seen us act or speak like one company. The new brand and the way we’ve worked with you to bring it to life has us going into the marketplace as a stronger, more confident, and ultimately compelling company.”