A new era for Bosera

Interbrand helped Bosera attract foreign investment.






Boshi, which evokes negative associations such as “bossy” when translated to English, wished to create a new English name to attract foreign investment. But at the same time, it didn’t wish to change its name too much and isolate its current client base.

In Chinese, Boshi means abundance, while signifying an occasion or era. When combined these characters reflect a sense of stability, forward thinking, and sustainability.

We isolated era as the key concept in Boshi’s Chinese name. By simply adding era to the end of Boshi, we created a new word – Bosera – that infuses the old with strategic relevance, while retaining a strong connection to the original name.

Likewise, Bosera’s new tagline emphasized Bosera’s timeless, rational, and research-based approach to value. It has an authoritative tonality and expresses Bosera’s core brand idea.

With it new and improved name and tagline, Bosera is poised for a new and attractive era of foreign investment.