Refreshing a brand built on freshness

New packaging boosts Bluebird's sales by 20%.






It’s a brand built on freshness and taste. And fun – thanks to a perky penguin successfully adopted as a brand icon to express the personality of the many sub-brands.

However, when reviewing the packaging of all of Bluebird brand products, we found the layering of messages was overly complex and clouded the brand’s presence.

To revive the Bluebird identity, we worked through the brand architecture and icons across Bluebird’s entire portfolio of salted snacks. We simplified the master brand and gave it a burst of energy without losing the equity and recognition of the existing logo. Then, we clarified the visual language and icons on the packs so they supported the Bluebird brand without overpowering it.

The results were something to flip about. Bluebird’s sales were up 20 percent from the previous year for all Bluebird branded products – enough to make for one happy penguin.