The rhythm of daily life

How Banco Popular’s valuable market position was secured.





Banco Popular

To sustain and secure this valuable market position among present and future clients we focused on the customers’ contemporary rhythm of daily life.

The proposition we conceived delivered what the consumer really wanted: maximum efficiency for transactions, innovative customer service to match today’s tech-savvy consumer, and greater self-service opportunities.

Business hours on weekday evenings and on weekends were extended. Professionals were multi-disciplinarily trained, more flexible, and more. The environment was obstacle-free, devoid of compartmentalization, and rich in readily accessible and practical interactive technology and media.

Additionally, Banco Popular hosted an in-branch “commercial partner” stand to enrich revenue by retailing products and services of true relevance and convenience to the Popular customer.

All of these improvements fulfilled a unique vision and singular strategic mandate: to become more “Popular” than ever.