Driving pleasure

We've helped steer BMW to the top for over a quarter of a century.






How does one become the ultimate driving machine?

It takes years of investment in building and managing brand value.

BMW’s values are highly differentiated and relevant to consumers in all parts of the world. Interbrand continuously strengthens this famous automobile brand through value-based brand management.

BMW's brand identity is based on clearly differentiated values that set it apart from the competition. The visual identity – white and pure, technically brilliant, with emotionally charged content – is based on these values. In this way, the brand's profile is maintained on an ongoing basis, and at the same time constantly reinforced.

BMW has maintained its leadership brand position for many decades. Its success is the result of a consistent brand identity created and implemented by Interbrand. Our work ranges from strategic brand consultancy to dealership architecture, and includes international key trade fair exhibitions as well as brand management tools.

No one said that becoming the ultimate is easy – but the hard work pays off year after year.