One unified bank

We found a way for BDO to shine.






After a merger between Equitable Bank and PCI Bank, BDO entered the equation in 2007 to create in combination, the third largest bank in the Philippines.

Each bank had a distinct culture and identity, numerous sub brands, and a plethora of services. Our challenge was to define a unified and consistent brand strategy for the combined entity that could be understood internally, and be expressed to multiple customer segments across all key touchpoints.

Our work involved a full strategic review, the creation of a distinct positioning, and a detailed design program encompassing name, identity, communications, and retail. The new brand was driven by BDO’s service focused philosophy – “We find ways” – while leveraging the strengths and values of each organization.

We also defined a coherent brand architecture and nomenclature system structured around customer benefits to create clarity when communicating various departments and products.

Running parallel to the above, we developed an internal brand communications and engagement program to articulate and embed the BDO service philosophy throughout the organization. By influencing training and policies, BDO is able to equip and inspire employees to deliver a distinct and superior customer experience. This in turn, has helped drive demand for BDO services and driven revenue growth.

To date, the brand development work has made a tremendous positive impact on the marketplace. Whereas BDO was the third largest bank in the Philippines in 2007, by the end 2009 it was number one.