More than stretching the dollar

We helped Bank of America “Add It Up.”





Add It Up

When Bank of America created its new Merchant Offers Engine, it started with a proposition that would provide customers with the opportunity to “stretch their dollar.” This involved providing access to over two hundred top retailers’ discounts and deals exclusively through Bank of America.

Bank of America brought in the Interbrand naming team to help create a name that was able to withstand the rigor of trademark registration and executive buy-in. We were tasked to dig deeper and find a name that was clear enough to capture the simplicity of the offering, yet distinctive enough to be legally available.

In order to stretch the naming work, Interbrand had to help the Bank of America team stretch their thinking about the intent of brand. After our first naming presentation, the Bank of America team re-evaluated its previous positioning to focus on a distinct idea of “Find more money in your bank account.”

“Add It Up” was ultimately selected for its fit to the new positioning statement, its clear simplicity, and its congruence with Bank of America’s colloquial brand voice.

The Add It Up program recently launched with a national television and web campaign with great success and consumer attention. Happy bloggers are giving the program “two thumbs up,” and a contributor to Associated Content recommended the program writing, “The discounts and offers vary, but they're all worth it and the service is free!”