Colorful, summer bouquet of highly effective plants and flowers






Each year, the German cosmetic company BABOR offers its customers a special edition of one of its popular beauty fluids, and Interbrand was chosen to design the packaging for 2011.

We created five window boxes with slipcases to feature the active ingredients of BABOR’S special edition Effect Fluids, available in five varieties: Lifting (poppy), New Skin (lupine), Energy (queen of the prairie), Anti-Stress (reed) and Moisture (algae).

Externally, the colorful flowers and plants from which the active ingredients are extracted provide the decorative elements on the secondary packaging. The decorative floral designs indicate the ingredients of the extraordinary skin care products inside. Each box contains seven vials of the respective beauty fluid product.

The vibrant, radiant colors of the plants are also featured on the slipcase inside the box, which elegantly frames the decorative motif. The window on the front of the box creates an appealing “stage” for the ampoules containing the beauty fluids.

The matte white paper used for the packaging underscores the premium quality of the treatments, as do the silver embossed logo and the glossy finish that gives the brilliant colors in the decorative motifs added shine.

The attractively elegant packaging and the colorful decorative motifs are the perfect presentation for the highly concentrated seven-day treatments.