Better than a price point

We named and designed Wal-Mart's private label electronic brand.






When the biggest and strongest knocks on your door for advice, you give your best.

Wal-Mart’s private label electronic brand was not living up its potential. It wanted a brand that could be on par with the world’s strongest electronics brands, while still accessible to all walks of life.

We developed various name suggestions that could place Wal-Mart’s product among the ranks of Sony, LG, and Samsung.

Our name, ATVIO, incorporates two elements: TV (as their core SKU) and the binary code (IO) for a short and memorable brand name. To project the perfect positioning, our design team created a brand that looks as elegant and upscale as one of the world’s top performers.

The brand recently launched in Mexico — and in just two months, Wal-Mart sold 150,000 units.