Nurturing the way to global

Our partnership with Amore Pacific expands to new horizons.






The Sulwhasoo brand, which holds the top share of the Korean luxury cosmetics market, has aims to become a global brand. To create a more successful presence in the global market, we examined its product names and created appropriate corresponding names in English that live up to the standards of a global brand.

As part of this effort, we carried out an expert evaluation of the full list of 48 Sulwhasoo English product names, together with five product lines in English, and the structures of English product names in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and the U.S. This helped us create guidelines for product names in English and a naming system. The guidelines were designed to ensure the consistent application of Sulwhasoo’s verbal identity system and to define criteria for developing product names in English for future products.

We continue to work with Amore Pacific on a number of ongoing projects.