Expressing human power and passion

Distinct identities for three unique organizations






Three nonprofit associations led by one inspiring individual, Sylvie Cochin, needed a coherent brand identity that would successfully communicate their shared values and respective expertise. In addition to attracting volunteers and donations, the objective was to bring greater visibility to these organizations:

AMC: Works with over 10 Parisian hospitals to improve the quality of patient care.

AAA: Raises funds to finance surgical missions in Asia.

APN: Works for the betterment of young mothers and children in Africa.

Unified by their passion for helping people, it became apparent to us that the common thread that linked all three associations was the human element. After identifying this key factor in the success of these associations, we used “people” as the basis for an identity system consisting of three aesthetically similar yet distinct logos. All the designs featured small human figures that combined to form a specific shape that would represent each association. Reminiscent of children’s drawings, the hand-sketched look of the logos conveyed warmth and tenderness, while the figures collectively symbolized the association’s volunteer force as well as those in need of help.

Achieving a two-fold objective, our team established a visual language and connected the three associations conceptually, while sufficiently differentiating each one based on its individual activity. In fact, the client affirmed that the,”strength of the central idea communicates and gives dynamism to all of our actions while symbolizing their differences. We are very grateful for Interbrand’s quality of work, and this magnificent result allows all of our associations to develop around the same value.” Bearing further testament to the success of the brand identity system, our work won an iF communication design award 2013.