Let’s get the party started!

We created an English and Chinese brand for a new apple wine.






Our client identified an opportunity to combine Chinese Shandong apples (a region famous for China’s best quality fruit) with the centuries-old tradition of sidra.

Because amber is often used in China to describe the color of wine and metaphorically, the preservation of memorable moments, we chose a word that translates to “Amber Joy” in Chinese. Our English naming recommendation, Ambre, is a European interpretation of amber. Together the two names emphasize the core essences of the brand: its golden color and sparkling personality.

The visual identity is a modern, three-dimensional presentation of the amber gem, stylized to appeal to Chinese tastes. The packaging leverages a traditional champagne bottle shape and further dramatizes Ambre’s golden color.

With a sparkling new package and a memorable new name, it’s time to pop the cork and celebrate!