Tomorrow’s answers today

An internal brand launch for AkzoNobel.






With the sale of its pharma activities and the acquisition of ICI, AkzoNobel has become the largest paints and coatings company in the world.

To express the new strategic direction of the company, AkzoNobel developed a new brand positioning and identity. AkzoNobel then commissioned Interbrand to develop internal teaser and brand launch materials to create employee excitement and understanding for the new brand.

The brief for the launch "teaser" campaign was to invoke one of the new brand values, "the curiosity to question.” The goal was to generate excitement and curiosity for the unveiling of the new identity, without fully revealing it.

Following this, Amsterdam developed a look and feel that built on the old identity but differed strongly enough to stand out from existing internal media, mainly through the extensive use of color. Posters and postcards for a prize drawing were created that contained questions covered with a scratch-off coating – to encourage employees to act on their curiosity.

Other items developed included a teaser website and mirror stickers. The mirror stickers were cut as picture frames and stated "You’re looking at the answer,” referring to Akzo’s new claim of "Tomorrow’s answers today.” For the launch day itself, multiple posters were developed to showcase the new identity, positioning, and values in a context to make it relevant for employees.

Both teaser campaign and brand launch materials proved to be highly successful in creating internal buzz and understanding about the new brand. The prize draw resulted in a 25 percent response rate.

The new AkzoNobel brand was launched on April 25 and is currently being implemented throughout the organization.