Representing a creative organism

We created a new brand identity for AWARD.






AWARD is the benchmark awards and education organization for the advertising industry within Australasia. And yet, its previous identity could have belonged to a law firm or accounting firm, not a community of creative individuals.

Our immediate thought was that the identity should represent AWARD’s mission: to set the standards of creative excellence, to promote this concept in the business arena, and to educate and inspire the next creative generation.

AWARD is as ever moving, ever changing, and ever evolving as creativity itself. It is a creative organism. This was the inspiration for its new brand identity.

The centerpiece of the identity is a “living’” logo, which is plugged online into the AWARD membership database. Each AWARD member is represented in the logo by a dot. Controlled by a complex algorithm, the dots converge, diverge, bounce, and swarm. Together, the dots form the shape of an ever morphing “A” for AWARD.

The dots come in three different sizes to represent membership levels. The smallest dots represent the students of AWARD school; the largest dots represent members who have received accolades from AWARD; and, the medium sized dots represent all other members. An individual career can therefore be tracked all the way from a student to an awarded professional. As time goes by, the logo will evolve with the population of the membership and as each member’s career progress.

In the printed world, the logo retains its dynamic nature, appearing in a different configuration on every application. This is made possible by an online logo generator. A unique logo is automatically and instantaneously downloaded every time new artwork goes to print.

Richard Maddocks, ECD at Clemenger BBDO and chairman of AWARD said: “It had been a while since the identity had been refreshed and the committee was keen to find something that was a truer reflection of AWARD and it’s members. The idea was to find something that reflected the community aspect of who we are and to allude to the fact that AWARD has, and will continue to evolve as the industry itself changes.”