Sustainable thinking

How 3M Post-it® adopted an eco-friendly attitude.





3M Post-it

As environmental issues are becoming increasingly important to consumers and businesses, Post-it® from 3M developed a specific line of products addressing this.

Interbrand based its creative thinking on a 3R approach: reduce (use of one ink which makes recycling easier); remove (replacing the plastic film that holds together the pads with carton dispensers); and recycle (use of recycled paper).

Additionally, we developed an identity with a flower symbol to anchor Post-it® Notes’s sub-brand in this sustainable category.

The European marketing team has achieved great success with its new product development initiative. The global brand team based in the U.S. embraced the new line extensions, and it was also well received by all local markets across Europe and North America.

Order requests and overall demand were so high that orders to Central Europe's production line reached full capacity in record time.

And here’s something else worth noting: in 2008, Post-it® Recycled notes won the European Office Award.