(RED) Brand Awareness and Perception Study

Understanding the reach of a global brand in order to define its future






Since its inception in 2006, the (RED) brand has been successfully partnering with iconic brands, such as Starbucks, The Coca-Cola Company, Belvedere, and Apple, to raise funds to help eliminate HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Internal leaders wanted to focus on the brand’s evolution and innovation. With a new CEO in place, the brand felt it was an appropriate time to explore new opportunities and rethink what was possible. With both long-term and short-term goals in mind, (RED)’s leadership put everything on the table for examination—from current partnership models to the overall vision.

This focus on evolution prompted (RED) to take a closer look at consumers’ awareness and perception of the brand, along with their sentiment toward various causes and models. To gain the insight the brand needed, (RED)’s team worked closely with Interbrand to develop a comprehensive consumer study in both existing and target markets. We fielded the survey to over 4,000 respondents in 12 global markets, conducted consumer interviews and brought consumer sentiment to life through video diaries. Through this collaborative effort, (RED) gleaned valuable information that would help it build innovative strategies for the future.

Key to our findings was the discovery that the strength of the (RED) brand and its partner brands were equal drivers in the purchase decision in consumers’ minds. This resonated strongly with the (RED) team as they were beginning to seek new partnership and licensing opportunities.

The insights we gathered uncovered rich new possibilities and kicked the organization into high gear—a result that has not gone unappreciated. As (RED)’s Chief Partnerships Officer, Jennifer Lotito, expressed: “We are so happy to be working with you. You guys are presenting us with real insights, which is invaluable to growing our brand.”

Overall, Interbrand’s work has been met with great enthusiasm, and has inspired (RED) to think beyond their success to date.