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Interbrand expands its business in Portugal signing an agreement with corporate finhold, a leading marketing and communications company

The leading global brand consultancy strengthens and diversifies its presence in the Portuguese market

Madrid (5 September 2011) – Interbrand is focusing on Portugal with the aim of continued growth in a market in which it has been operating for over 10 years. Business diversification has been one of the key drivers behind this agreement with Corporate FinHold, which will bring to Interbrand a deeper local knowledge and stronger presence in the market. Interbrand´s history in Portugal has afforded the prestige of having worked with leading companies in the country in sectors such as, energy, telecommunications, retail and financial services, and this agreement with Corporate FinHold will allow us to continue to expand our client portfolio.

“Developments in the market and the need to expand products and services to Portugal, have led us to sign this agreement that will enable us to offer to our clients a truly integrated and international marketing solution” explains Gonzalo Brujó, Chairman of Interbrand in Latin America, Spain and Portugal.

“The partnership between FinHold Group and Interbrand enables the strategic growth of the two organizations in the area of brand consultancy, creating synergies with other companies of Corporate FinHold in the field of marketing and communication” states Marcelo Kapel, Managing Director of FinHold.

“This agreement will help our Portuguese clients to overcome the economic situation as a result of the diversified offer that Interbrand and Corporate FinHold will bring to the market”, says Pedro Veloso, Executive Director of Interbrand Portugal.

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