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Brand is the Key to Unlocking Employee Driven Success

NEW YORK (May 25, 2010) – Interbrand, the leading global brand consultancy, has released the findings from its 2010 Internal Brand Engagement Survey in its latest whitepaper, Unlocking the Power of Employees to Drive Success.

The research uncovered several fundamental yet addressable flaws in the current practice of employee engagement. For example, while 59 percent of companies surveyed train their brand, 30 percent do not link that to the customer experience or to trained behaviors. Then there is the question of measurement. Barely half of the firms surveyed measure employee engagement, and fewer than half measure it annually.

“Interest in elevating employee performance is understandably high, yet many organizations are struggling with how to deliver on sustainable programs that deliver real results,” said Tom Zara, Senior Director of Strategy at Interbrand. “Interbrand is pointing the way forward, with real solutions to elevate employee engagement to the truly transformative experience it needs to be.”

In the coming weeks, Interbrand will publish a series of internal brand engagement articles and videos featuring valuable insights gleaned from the study and their work with the world’s best brands. To advance this critical conversation, Interbrand will also be hosting an Internal Brand Engagement webinar on June 7th at 12:30 pm EST. The webinar, entitled Unlocking the Power of Your Employees: Five actionable ideas for companies of any size, will feature Interbrand’s Internal Brand Engagement experts Tom Zara and Maryann Stump and Richard Wergan of Xerox. Together they will share insights from the study and walk you through some the innovative Internal Brand Engagement programs being implemented at Xerox today. To view the whitepaper and to register for the webinar please visit

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