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Are today’s cost-saving measures cutting into the strategic muscle of organizations – the brand?

Interbrand’s report looks at how leading brands are performing in turbulent times

April 16, 2009, New York – Interbrand, the leading global brand consultancy, has released The Best Global Brands Interim Report – a mid-year review of the Interbrand’s Best Global Brands (first published in BusinessWeek in September 2008) that provides insight into how these brands are performing in these turbulent times before 2009’s Best Global Brands report in September.

Prompted by the many questions about September 2008’s Best Global Brands and what lessons can be supplied for creating and managing brand value in a troubled marketplace, the report was created to help marketers identify challenging market scenarios and target new opportunities for demand creation.

“Best Global Brands has shown time and time again that a brand can be an organization’s most valuable asset,” said Jez Frampton, Global Chief Executive of Interbrand. “But such assets aren’t just for good times. They also provide a great source of confidence and opportunity as markets go through trials and tribulations.”

Frampton added, “While the economic landscape has forced businesses to scale back costs, resources, and investments, consumers still won’t buy what they don’t want. Without that demand from consumers, businesses won’t have the revenue to fund even the most prudent cost base. Cutting cost cannot cut into the strategic muscle of the organization. As such, brands must continue to create demand and sustainable value for their business, even in these lean times.”

Creating demand and managing the brand’s value requires an optimization of the interaction between the brand and the business. To navigate both current and future markets, The Best Global Brand Interim Report identifies four different brand quadrants to help marketers understand the role brand plays within a business, as well as the strength a brand has in competing in its market. It also identifies four different market scenarios – The Hurricane, The Depression, Fairer Winds, and The Fog – that have emerged since the economy began its demise in the summer of 2008. CITI, Ford, Honda, Sony, Nintendo, Starbuck’s, McDonald’s, Zara, Amazon, and Coca-Cola are among the brands have all been either positively or negatively affected by the market scenarios identified in this report.

Interbrand’s Best Global Brand Interim Report will be available online on April 16, 2009 at

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