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Interbrand Unifies European Business Under One Chief Executive

Jean-Baptiste Danet promoted to CEO, Europe

January 4, 2008 – Interbrand, the leading brand consultancy, has announced the promotion of Jean- Baptiste Danet to CEO of Europe in a move that formally unites its European operations and reinforces its ability to partner with clients to create valuable brands that transcend borders.

“The reality is that our clients’ customers are not confined to a single geographic region and we’re creating and managing their brands to live across borders so it felt sensible to mirror this with our own business in Europe,” said Global Chief Executive Jez Frampton.

Interbrand serves clients across Europe with an integrated team and collaborative approach that spans the firm’s eleven offices in the region. Some of these clients include Carrefour, BMW and Deutsche Telekom.

Interbrand has previously adopted this same structure for its North American and Pan-Asian businesses with the appointments of Lee Carpenter as CEO, North America and Terrence Oliver, CEO, Asia-Pacific.

“Jean-Baptiste has been a strong advocate for our business and has time and time again proven a generosity of spirit. He is a natural choice to lead this important market,” added Frampton.

Danet is recognized as a leader in the branding field, having built the well-known and highly regarded French firm, Architral. He transformed that business from a regional retail-only architectural business into a fully fledged and successful Interbrand global business, by adding strategic branding, consumer and corporate design capabilities. Danet most recently led the firm’s French practice and is a member of the global steering committee.

“By looking at brands as they live in the hearts and minds of consumers we’re able to bring an intelligence and creativity to our clients’ businesses that creates lasting value and allows the brand to thrive in varying markets. My commitment is to ensure that the benefits of this are reaching our clients and our people across Europe and, indeed, the world,” said Danet.

Danet’s appointment was effective January 1, 2008.